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Program Description

The Fellowship begins every July 1 and ends on June 30, 2 years later. To be successful, fellows require focused didactic training, expert mentoring and a clear research plan. At the start of the 2-year program, fellows and senior mentors will develop a training plan that is tailored to the background and interests of each fellow and the resources available at UCSF. We expect fellows to develop content and methodologic expertise, strong communications skills, and experience and skill in building and leading teams. In the first year, fellows will complete the UCSF Advanced Training in Clinical Research (where they may elect to obtain a Masters Degree in Clinical Research) and may also take courses from the UCSF Programs in Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences (PIBS). Advanced Training in Clinical Research includes training in core disciplines including epidemiologic methods, biostatistics, clinical trials, molecular methods, medical informatics, scientific writing, grant preparation, and research ethics.

The second year will focus on completion of research and writing projects under the supervision of senior faculty mentors. Mentors will provide access to existing databases (such as the UCSF Coordinating Center study databases) and repositories of biological specimens, advice in selection of research projects, assistance in study design and performance, guidance in ethical conduct of research and career counseling. A Women's Health Research Seminar will provide an opportunity for fellows to present work in progress, address methodologic issues and improve writing and presentation skills.

Fellows will provide clinical care and clinical teaching in appropriate services in the UCSF Women's Health Clinical Center on the Mount Zion campus. Fellows will also make presentations and conduct discussions for local community groups in their area of expertise. During training, these activities will be limited to 25% effort.

Women's Health Fellows will be located in the UCSF Women's Health Clinical Research Center, in close proximity to the UCSF Women's Health Clinical Center on the Mount Zion Campus. Location and directions.


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