Administration and Finance

  • Lisa Abinanti, Project Director
  • Ann Chang, Associate Director and Senior Project Director
  • Margie Dere, Research Services Analyst​
  • Carolyn Hunt, MPA, PRIDEnet and PRIDE Study Community Engagement Lead​
  • Micah Lubensky, PhD, PRIDE Study Program Manager
  • Susana Szeto, Research Services Analyst
  • Lisa Vu, SFMR Project Coordinator
  • Dennis Xiong, PRIDEnet and PRIDE Study Project Assistant


  • David Burian, SFMR Database Support & Data Entry
  • Jennifer Creasman, Statistician/CTSI Data Management Unit Director
  • Cesar Hernandez, Data Programs Analyst
  • Michael Hofmann, SFMR Sr. Statistician
  • Feng Lin, Statistician
  • Lin Ma, SFMR Statistician
  • Katherine Malvin, SFMR Assistant Statistician
  • Michael Schembri, Data Programs Analyst​

Clinical Research Coordinators

  • Sarah Chatfield, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Elyse Chiapello, SFMR Research Assistant
  • Traci Plaut, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Amy Du, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Ruth Gebrezghi, Clinical Research Coordinator​
  • Vanessa Monzon, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Beenish Najam, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Zubaida Qamar, MASALA Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Fareeha Qureshi, Clinical Research Coordinator​
  • Shweta Srivastava, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Evangeline Nithya Vijayakumar, Clinical Research Coordinator