Recruitment Closed


Women who had COVID during pregnancy or were pregnant during the pandemic are welcome to join a nationwide study called RECOVER (Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery). The study is to understand why some people are sick for a long time after getting COVID while others are not.


People who have had a COVID test in the past might qualify, whether they had COVID or not.


The reason we are doing the study is to understand:

  • Why do some people get Long COVID and others do not?
  • What are the most common symptoms of Long COVID and what are treatments to help?
  • How does COVID during pregnancy affect children?

If you participate in RECOVER, you will answer questions about your health, have check-ups to measure

things like your blood pressure and heart rate, and have blood tests and possibly other tests. We can

arrange for all of these tests to be done in your home or somewhere nearby. There will also be some

questions about your child’s health.

Please contact us at (415)269-9496 or [email protected] to get more information!