Menopause Studies

Do you have multiple hot flashes per day?


UCSF’s Women’s Health researchers are running a study to better understand how to treat menopausal hot flash symptoms.


1. What are we studying?


The FRAN Study (Flushing Reduction Associated with Nitrates) is testing how well a nitrate skin patch works to reduce hot flashes.

(We are doing this by running a randomized clinical trial of a transdermal nitrate patch compared to placebo women with menopausal hot flash symptoms.)


2. What does this involve?


Participants will visit our clinic 6 times over 16 weeks, including some video/telephone visits, but also at least 2 visits in our offices in San Francisco and Oakland.


You may receive up to $150 in gift or debit cards and help with parking costs. 


3. Are you eligible?


    You may be eligible if you are:

  • Are between the ages 40 and 62
  • Have multiple hot flashes per day
  • Do not have diabetes or cardiovascular disease
  • Are willing to wear a nitrate patch or a placebo patch in a randomized trial
  • Have a video enabled device, such as a smart phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop (if you want to do video-based study visits)
  • Have access to broadband internet connection

4. Interested?


Click below, or you can leave us a message at 415-885-7547, or email us at [email protected]