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Beattie, Mary, MD Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and genetic testing for disease predisposition
Brown, Jeanette, MD Urinary incontinence in women
Cedars, Marcelle I., MD Ovarian aging and polycystic ovarian disease
Grady, Deborah, MD MPH Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy.
Greenblatt, Ruth, MD Epidemiology of HIV infection, effects of gender on HIV biology.
Kanaya, Alka, MD Effects of yoga on metabolic syndrome.
Kerlikowske, Karla, MD Screening for breast cancer. Predictors of breast cancer recurrence.
Subak, Leslee, MD Urinary incontinence in women. Cost-effectiveness analyses.
Walsh, Judith, MD MPH Colon cancer screening. Coronary disease prevention in women.
Yaffe, Kristine, MD Cognitive dysfunction and dementia in women.
Ziv, Elad  


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